Best Way To Fix Del Icio Us Playtagger Error

Here are some easy ways that can help you fix the del icio us Playtagger error.

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    [edited in December:]

    The Whole Delicious site just didn’t work, everything works if not more, so I’ve restored my script now.)

    Are you having trouble opening one of the active pages on your blog? The little blog didn’t load last night and this morning – neither this main page, nor any other page.

    Looking at the status bar and checking the error, I found that the culprit was the amazing canceled Playtagger program I blogged about earlier. I’m guessing must be having a dilemma with their servers, maybe because of the huge demand for this script, you know.

    So if you previously added the Delicious script and you think it doesn’t work (or your web pages often don’t load), try removing the script from your template, republish it, and see if it works again. I’ll wait. some time before trying to add the script again.

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