Solution For Java Error “Out Of Memory” Nokia

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    Here are some easy ways to help you fix the “Out of Java memory” error on Nokia. 2 answers. You can fix the problem by doing a factory reset from your phone. Another solution is to try transferring files or photos to a memory card using a PC. The last approach is to reboot the phone in cases where a Java memory error has occurred.


    i Open I’ve downloaded most of our own programs on my Nokia 2730 Classic. I can install the product, but when I try to glaze windows it always says – – “Out of memory, java/lang/OutOfMemoryError.

    java out of memory error nokia

    By the way, the phone has 17 MB of memory left, and My Micro SD has 633 MB of memory left.

    1. Beginner

      When I enter Master Brick Breaker on my Nokia5300, the start menu and graphics are initially very good… but as soon as the whole game starts loading to finally start playing, I keep getting a special “Application Error” message that says “Out on Memory Error java /lang/outofmemoryerror » .

      Can anyone tell me what are the options in simple terms? Are there other things I can do to make this game work properly?

      Thank you
      java out of memory error nokia

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