Tips To Fix Nvstor32 Parity Error Detected On Raidport0 Device

How to fix Windows crashes

  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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    In this user’s guide, we will find out some possible causes that can cause the parity error detected by nvstor32 on a raidport0 device, and then I will provide possible fix methods that you can try to get rid of this problem.


    I have a dual core processor and one of them is always 100% loaded. Looking in ProcessExplorer shows that these are deferred procedure calls. Reading the internet seems to give me a ton of different answers.

    Is it possible that the game is trying a combination of steps to fine-tune the problem in my case?

    Update 2: I disabled everything I could from the back of the PC, which saved me 40% more CPU. I also downloaded the RATTV3 tool but for some reason it doesn’t give me that driver due to a driver crash on my machine. There is a good description linking both DPCLatencyChecker and RATTV3 here.

    Update 6: LatencyMon (see my answer below), my family says it’s nvstor32.sys which is actually NVidia’s SATA driver, with days or weeks around 5300µs.

    Update 4: The plot gets worse considering trying to boot the recovery disc (to make sure it’s really a car owner issue and not a hardware issue). I noticed that the DVD/CD player doesn’t work (i.e. it doesn’t even open the gate whenI press this button). Since the machine had just replaced the motherboard, I thought maybe they forgot to plug it in. I opened this box, everything seemed to be in order, but I unplugged it and plugged it back in. On reboot everything was very good – no more DPCs (max 300us as soon as possible)!

    Update 5: Dilemma is back the next day, the CD player on the back doesn’t work, even the cursor in the personal info textbox blinks in a tedious motion… I tried turning off everything I could think of. of course, and on the second reboot it worked fine again (as did Update2). Next time I’ll try completely disabling the current CD player…

    Update 6: Just read System Event contains log nvstor32.sys with error message Parity Error Detected in DeviceRaidPort0 followed by warning to send reset a. I now have a chance to find out what the correct RaidPort0 is (note: I don’t have a RAID setup, it’s just a regular Acer). Oh, and my Avast installation apparently aborted when I did a system restore (or whateverbut it was called there) because it is not removed (RPC startup error process) (a Setiface error occurred).

    Update 7. It’s finally time to reboot with the DVD unmounted. No additional problems with DPC! (Many side questions, but that’s for later). Next step: check if you can see the cable or the DVD drive.

    Update 3: Borrowed cables, free download and SATA, no problem. The CD/DVD drive works fine, no more problems with DPC nvstor32 with.sys, no more CPU freezes. Happy ending… almost: I still have issues with Avast, I’ve seen DPC issues when running storport .At sys (maybe that’s normal for USB?) and also a lot of page faults . But these will be other examples of questions.

    How to fix Windows crashes

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select the system you want to scan
  • 3. Click on the Scan button and wait for the process to finish

  • Addendum: I recently had the same problem, and using the same method I was able to track the game to a USB drive (the one I used for ReadyBoost) that was hyped up.

    Here is the story of how I found the cause of the high DPC latency.

    My system was experiencing clicks while playing Wise. I knew this meant it was something in kernel mode overloadingThe same type of processor. The first thought was to dig into the process explorer, and also if there is something to look at, look up. The only thing that caught my eye was the excessive time spent on deferred procedure calls (DPCs):

    I knew that DPC is code that runs inside a driver; The task was to find out which side the driver was on. I turned to DPC Latency Checker, which showed me which method is just bad for latency:

    nvstor32 a parity error was detected on device raidport0

    DPC Latency Checker offers to analyze the devices used in the device manager and disable non-essential interference one by one (eg network card, sound when card is inserted) in order to isolate the wheelchair driver. (If you turn off the device when the DPC latency suddenly decreases: you’ve found the culprit!)

    nvstor32 a parity error was detected on device raidport0

    Unfortunately, after disabling everything possible (although you can still use the staff – don’t unplug your hard drive, DVD card, mouse, or USB hub that the mouse is connected to!), the delay usually occurs exactly where it was before high. I then worked on the Performance Windows Toolkit (chaWindows SDK) with Peter Weiland’s excellent blog post “Measuring DPC Time”. After getting the Windows Performance Toolkit:

    >xperf - on delay

    Note. The Delay group ispredefined TV set of events that can becontinuation outside the main groupSupplier:


    In this case, latency matches the kernelflags:

  • PROC_THREAD Create/delete process and thread
  • LOADER Kernel and user mode image load/unload events
  • PROFILE Sample CPU Profile
  • CSWITCH context switch
  • Fix your PC now with this easy-to-use software.

    Nvstor32 Er Is Een Pariteitsfout Gedetecteerd Op Apparaat Raidport0
    Nvstor32 Um Erro De Paridade Foi Detectado No Dispositivo Raidport0
    Nvstor32 Wykryto Blad Parzystosci Na Urzadzeniu Raidport0
    Nvstor32 Auf Dem Gerat Raidport0 Wurde Ein Paritatsfehler Festgestellt
    Nvstor32 Une Erreur De Parite A Ete Detectee Sur Le Peripherique Raidport0
    Nvstor32 E Stato Rilevato Un Errore Di Parita Sul Dispositivo Raidport0
    Nvstor32 Se Detecto Un Error De Paridad En El Dispositivo Raidport0
    Nvstor32 장치 Raidport0에서 패리티 오류가 감지되었습니다
    Nvstor32 Obnaruzhena Oshibka Chetnosti Na Ustrojstve Raidport0
    Nvstor32 Ett Paritetsfel Upptacktes Pa Enheten Raidport0

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