Tips For Troubleshooting An Open Winamp Media Library

If you have the Winamp Media Library open on your system, this blog post might help.

How to fix Windows crashes

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    Does Winamp still exist?

    Radionomy has relaunched this Winamp site and it was previously available for download again. Although this site claims that Winamp should be back soon, starting with version 5.666 of November 2013, there are no plans to release a new stable version as of 2021.

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    How do I open Winamp Media Library?

    If the Media Library is not open, open the View menu in this main Winamp window and click Library or press ALT+L on your keyboard.


    How to fix Windows crashes

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    Plugins page on Feel free to rate the plugin type!

    What to do if the plugin does not appear in the Winamp media library:

    The plug-in will appear in the library tree with “browser” (see screenshots).

  • First check your winamp form. The plugin only supports type 5.5+
  • Check the plugins folder (eg C:Program FilesWinampPlugins), it should contain the send ml_umlp.dll file (can be downloaded here).
  • Open Winamp Settings / Plugins / Media Library. The plugin should show up as “Ultimate ML [ml_umlp] plugin.dll” in the list of installed plugins.
  • Use our latest Alexa plugin (available locally). Please note that the 1.17 application may not work correctly.
  • Write my site, add a detailed report ( Plugin setup, winamp version, operating system).
  • Modern skins

    If you are using the Winamp Modern color, remove it


    Note. Settings for ALL modern 3rd party skins were also always saved in studio.xnf, so flashing studio.xnf will also reset ALL modern 3rd party skins to their defaults.

    winamp open media library

    The path to studio.xnf depends on the type of Windows installation and operating system.

    For all installations prior to 5.5x, the “general settings for users” studio.xnf will most likely be the runtime directory, typically: C:Program FilesWinamp.”separated

    for settings in almost all custom installations (5.5x by default), the studio.xnf file should be located in the %AppData%Winamp.

    You can just type %AppData%Winamp in the Windows Explorer address bar, then press Enter and it will even resolve:

    winamp open media library

    Alternatively, you can also edit the corresponding entries in the studio.xnf file.


    How do I add music to Winamp?

    To add songs, double-click Local Library and select Audio. Also, click , drag the songs to the playlist presented on the left panel. To save this playlist, choose File > Save Playlist.


    where x is the horizontal position, y is the position, w is the vertical width, h is the height.

    Removing these two lines restores all default sizes and positions found using ML (on my system), as follows:

    (you have to look in the upper left corner because of the ML screen to start)

    Classic Skins

    If ML has a problem with both classic skin and classic skin or 3rd party classic skin…

    ini gen_ml.ML

    most likely opened in the best left corner of the screen

    For your classic main window, the corresponding paths are in


    For the classic playlist window, the relevant settings use winamp.ini:


    – Activate the application “Easy move” (main menu > Options: check “Easy move” -​​​​​Ctrl+E)

    If this option is not available, you can only move Winamp windows by dragging individual title bars.

    Where is Winamp library stored?

    dat, your main Winamp media inventory information file, usually located here: c:UsersAppDataRoamingWinampPluginsmlmain. Date. This file changes when someone opens/closes winamp. Make sure Winamp is closed and main is open.

    -If you are working with a modern skin and almost all windows are docked, but the main window of the van is off the screen, first hold the Alt key, and then drag a specific window among other visible windows (for example, or Playlist ml) and then your company will be able to drag all windows ( including the main window) together on the LCD screen.

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